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Holistic living, realising effortless happiness. Package deal

door Marjolein Berendsen [* NIEUW *, Gezondheid en welzijn]

Would you like to live from your heart, based on your own power and essence? What if you could effortlessly lead a life filled with love, by embracing and accepting all things? And letting go of the things you no longer need? In short, what if you could be who you truly are?
Holistic living, realising effortless happiness focuses on living in the here and now, connecting, and making this connection more profound. You will be provided with information, exercises, meditations, tasks and visualisations that have also been recorded and are thus invited to participate in self-examination and enrichment.

Holism as a life vision means that you see everything as a whole. By approaching your body, emotions, spirit, energy and soul in this way, you will become more aware of your amazing, ingenious, and synergistic system. There is also a parallel focus on ‘being’ and ‘living in the here and now’.

You will thus experience happiness, connected to yourself and everything around you. This handbook has been written clearly and simply to inspire you to become effortlessly happy and is accompanied by a workbook of the same name. The workbook provides an opportunity to document the process of developing a holistic lifestyle and then use your notes as a tool for reflection at a later date. Holistic living means living on the basis of your essential light and
love. You deserve nothing less.


ISBN: 9789493230996
Formaat: 170x245 millimeter (b x h)
Omvang: 448 pagina's
Verschenen: 17 februari 2022